Monday, December 8, 2014

Not Upset: My Patronus

I came across this picture recently.

From Pinterest
I thought, “Hm, I bet I can figure it out.” And then I thought—hey, I can post about this. “HEY. I CAN FIGURE IT OUT AND POST THIS.” Thus, today we’ll talk about Patronuses. Tell me: do you know yours?

Topic #1: What is my Patronus?

See, there’s a pattern to the patronus charm. As far as I can tell, it’s a combination of your responsibilities, your experiences, and your personality; which can be drawn from the things you see or symbolic images.

Take the Potter parents. James is a stag and Lily is a doe. Because James can turn into a guy deer in real life, part of his patronus likely comes from his alternate form—his wife reciprocates his inner workings with a matching, but feminine, form. That’s romantic.

We can also look at it in a symbolic way. As I learned from Dream Moods, a buck deals with assertiveness and masculinity, and a doe with grace, compassion, and femininity. Kind of like the Great Prince and the mom deer in Bambi.  James and Lily had a strong identity as complimentary figures as a husband and wife, but if you think of how they died, James went down first trying to protect his family, and when Lily died, it was her love that saved her son’s life.

Their responsibilities as husband and wife, and as parents, impact their patronuses.

Their experiences with deer, some in more personal ways than others, impact their patronuses.

Their complimenting personalities as defenders and caretakers impact their patronuses.

That goes for everyone else, too. The animals you spend time with, the people you most love and your relationship to them, your responses to danger and your reactions to injustice say a lot about you. And we’re supposed to sum that up in a single symbol.

So, what about me?

At the risk of sounding cliché, I’m going to go with a wolf.

To start, I’m going to say I looked here and here and here, because culturally, this is where I’d think to find lupine connotations. And, for me, these words strike a chord.

  • packs and family values
  • ferocity
  • communication
  • dignity
  • steadfastness
  • cunning
  • protection
  • on-the -ballness
  • compassion

Those are my kind of words.

Disclaimer: I’m reading Scarlet by Marissa Meyer (again…) and Wolf is one of my favorite characters and I love him, and so my current preoccupations may be distracting me.

Yet—I’m willing to go for it.

My responsibilities as a sibling and a friend determine my actions in every situation.

My experiences as the oldest one, expected to look out for my pack, and as a Christian, required to communicate and stand, determine my thoughts about the future.

My personality (which is hard for me to describe) determines my responses to the things that face me.

So hey, the wolf thing sounds pretty good to me.

Flickr Credit: Golo


If you were a witch or wizard, do you know what your patronus would be? Care to share? 

(And remember, three more discussion points to answer: keep a weather eye!)


  1. *high fives for reading Scarlet again because I happen to adore those books*

    Ooh, this is a hard one. Honestly, mine would probably be a cat - Clever, lazy, doesn't take any nonsense, and so on. (and I love cats. I can relate to the one I own so much sometimes it's scary.)

    1. *high fives back* They're awesome, no? I can't wait to get my order of Cress when it comes. :) (Of course, that's not until February, but hey! Books are good anyway.)

      Cats are awesome, and enjoyable, and I like how well you manage to relate to your cat. XD An excellent supposition about yourself and cats indeed.

  2. This is such an interesting topic - I love it. I'm a big Harry Potter fan and I've never really thought about what my Patronus would be.

    My brother just told me mine would be a bunny...

    Well, it could be worse XD

    1. I'm excited to post a few of the others, too—they're fun things to think about, not only because they're Harry Potter related, but they're all introspective things that might teach you a little something about yourself. :)

      Bunnies aren't bad! Isn't Cho Chang's a rabbit? (Someone like that.) I mean, your Patronus could be mealworms. Imagine was that would say about you.

  3. I think mine would be an octopus because octopus are intelligent and independent. I don't know. Thats a hard question! I'll have to think about it :)

    1. Ooh, I've never thought of that before, but that sounds really cool! I can definitely see how it would at least be desirable, although I get it if you come up with something else. :D

  4. Nice post! Now I've got to go away and start thinking about mine.

    1. The trial begins! Let me know if you come up with something you want to share. :)


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