Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy New Year!

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I want to say that Wild Horse and Alyssa both posted lovely end-of-year posts, but the first especially made
me panic because it was the first thing I read yesterday morning, and I, being American, and she, being not, have different time zones. She was like, “It’s the last day of the year!” and I was like “WHAT IT’S ONLY TUESDAY HOLY CRAP DID I SLEEP THROUGH THE DAY MY SCHEDULE IS RUINED AHHH.”

And then it turned out that, in fact, that she lives in the future and everything was okay again.

Anyway, 2014 has been a glorious year, for me and for Sometimes I’m a Story, and so I’d thought I’d be a copycat and recap fourteen things that rocked for me and the blog this year. (I’d add another two thousand but that would be kinda tedious.)

1. SiaS hit 5000 views!

(Admittedly, it is 5123, but that is not a nice number.)

2. I was a fan!

(You can read the premise and the recap if you haven’t seen it yet, but these two are the most popular posts I’ve written. I worked hard to put effort into other people’s blogs for a week, and I think I’ll definitely be doing the same thing again soon!)

3. I wrote 100 words for 100 days!

(That’s not true; the lowest number of words I ever wrote was 101. However, over the course of 100 days I was able to work on a novel and have a blast doing it.)

4. I finished a novel!

(I talked about it in my Beautiful Books participation, and while I am currently distancing myself from the writing I WILL be posting a few excerpts in the coming year for some public scrutiny and maybe group fawning. We’ll see.)

5. I participated in the Teens Can Write, Too! blog chain! (Four times!)

(In August, September, November, and December I got to participate in a blog chain, which is really exciting because I think it was this chain that made me realize the importance of a blogging community.)

6. SiaS obtained followers!

(This seems kind of dumb; you can see there’s a 10 on the sidebar right there and on Bloglovin’ there are seven lovely folks who have taken interest. But before I started participating in TCWT blog chains, I didn’t realize the social aspect of blogging and now I am working on that.)

7. I finished the Walden-Bond Index!

(I PROMISE there will be one on Friday, by the way. But, in other news, after several months of hacking at it there is a 27-page guide to how I classify villains sitting on my hard drive right now.)

8. SiaS celebrated its first birthday!

(Back in November I did a huge tag post about it—it is also one of the most popular posts I’ve ever written.)

9. I wrote a guest blog post and got one in return!

(It didn’t turn out super well because I am really bad at doing things unless they are given to me in homework format. But I did like having someone else post on my blog—if that’s something you’d want to do we should talk, because that would be fun.)

10. I followed a lot of awesome blogs!

(I made a list over here, which is now a little outdated, but you can also look at the blogs I follow on Bloglovin’ to get the complete list.)

11. SiaS got a Facebook page!

(And there are fifteen likes. Fancy that.)

12. I got a handle on my focus! (sort of)

(If you go read like, July’s posts or something, no, not July, like, APRIL, I’m all over the place. I have no idea why I even started this blog. Not sad I did, but seriously I don’t know what I was thinking. I’m insane.)

13. I wrote 128 posts!

(Which is a lot, even though the silly haikus towards the beginning probably shouldn’t count. I had a dumb schedule, believe me.)

14. I got Thor: The Dark World for my birthday!

(I don’t care if you care. I just found out that I posted about it and I am so in love with that movie I don’t even care it has nothing to do with my blog. Go away.)

Here’s to hoping next year turns out even better! Thus far, these are the To-Do posts that are sitting in my folder, but who knows what will happen?

Click Me to Big Me

THANK YOU for being here. Blogging has changed from a flailing attempt to something I really enjoy and treasure, and if you’re reading this then you’re contributing in a HUGE way.

Whether writers acknowledge it or not—we really do need our readers.

So thanks.

What have been the highlights of your year?


  1. Thanks so much for the shout out! 'Twas a great year on SiaS, even though I was only here for the last few months. HAPPY NEW YEAR! (one hour to go for me, ahaha)

    1. Of course! I didn't really mention it but it did actually make me freak out again because I forgot that it was still the same day. I have problems. And, since I'm commenting almost two hours later, I can say HAPPY NEW YEAR because it is for you. :)

  2. Happy New Year! It sounds like you had an amazing year with your blogging. I thought that the fan week was a really good idea, and I might even try that some time. Congrats on finishing a novel. It always feels so good when you finish a novel, and you should be proud of yourself. It's a huge accomplishment! Yay for the TWCT blog chain. It's a really awesome blog chain and I love responding to the prompts every month.

    1. And to you as well! I did have an amazing year, and I'm glad I got to experience it this way. I would wholeheartedly recommend having a Fan Week—it's a really good experience. TCWT does rock; the prompts do indeed rock! :D

  3. Happy New Year! The time zone story at the beginning made me laugh, so congrats for that. xD It sounds like you had a really great year - and I'm super excited to see what you do on here this year!

    1. XD It is a laughable story indeed, and I'm glad I thought to share it. I'm excited to keep moving forward, so thanks for sticking around! :)

    You made me laugh as well- I quite like coming from the future ;)


      XD It's crazy, no? :) Glad you laughed!


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