Monday, November 10, 2014

Writing Promises

Ava Jae of the fantastic Writability made a post last week called 10 Promises to Myself (as a Writer), and fortunately she was cool with me borrowing her idea—thus, I humbly present my own writing promises.
Flickr Credit: ditatompel
  1. I will be proud—I am a writer, that this is what I do, and this is what I will do.
  2. I will be humble—everybody’s writing journey is different, and it is not my job to criticize, boast, or condescend.
  3. I will be honest—even if my negative review is ill-received and the author writes a response that makes me doubt myself and feel awkward and embarrassed, I shall hold to what I say if I know it to be true.
  4. I will make goals—not only that, but I will meet them, with time to spare if I can help it.
  5. I will work every day—sometimes I will write a lot, sometimes I will read a lot, but I will always get better.
  6. I will know when to stop—as my dad has said to me about five hundred times since I was born, “It will still be there tomorrow.”
  7. I will not beat myself up—tempting as it is when rereading first drafts and baby writing or meeting failure, one day’s writing is not the end of the world.
  8. I will woman up—which means doing embarrassing things like talking to other people, putting myself out there, and asking other people to read my writing.
  9. I will take reasonable advice—my parents know lots of things, but I can’t always trust them with my writing (likewise, not all my writing friends are trustworthy regarding my future financial health).
  10. I will appreciate all mediums—whether I’m looking at a dance, painting, song, blog, stage production, film, Youtube video, or any other form of art I will not dismiss the whole mode because I didn’t like one artist.

And that’s a wrap!

Have you made any writing promises for yourself?

(And, once more, thanks to Ava Jae for the great idea and the chance to be a copycat! )


  1. Ooooh I want to copy-cat as well!
    Number 8 speaks to me the most :)

    1. :D Then keep me updated!

      ...Yup. If there was a way to get a job by staying in my house and never talking to anybody, I would get it. And sure, writing works like that until you want other people to read it and maybe enjoy it and maybe edit it and maybe even pay you.

      And then that isolation-of-self stops working. Alas.

    2. If you do write a post like it, I'd love it if you left a link in the comments on the original post here so I can see it! :)

  2. These are very very good promises....I think my main thing I've promised myself, as a writer, is to not worry if not everyone loves my work. And to not expect everyone to. And TAKE ADVICE! I'm horrible at critiques, but I have gotten sooo much better and I don't burst into tears at feedback now. ;-)

    1. That's definitely something else to remember... There is no ideal work and to make it closer to whatever that might be we have to take advice. Blah. Things for me to work on. XD

  3. This is so great! I love your list, Heather, and I appreciate the shout out! :)

  4. Hey Heather, I had some extra time on my hands today, so here is my post :)

    1. Thanks for sharing the link with me! They look awesome!


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