Sunday, October 19, 2014

On Lumberjacks: A Chainsaw Story

I love my dad. He’s an intelligent guy, very generous and good at what he does. He’s an accountant. I do not have a problem with accountants, except for that is the kind of job one does behind a desk, and he wanted to cut down the tree in the back yard.

Not really in his job description.

I love him, but trusting him is a different matter entirely—especially when you are tied to the tree being cut down.

See, when you cut down a tree with a chain saw you run the risk of the blade getting pinched, especially if the tree leans in the direction opposite that you want it to fall (that’s called back lean). By attaching his three eldest daughters to a rope tied to the tree and having them use their combined body weight to pull the tree back, my father could safely use the chain saw on the tree and expect it to fall where he wanted it.

So there we were, standing in terror and contemplating our upcoming deaths. It had not escaped our attention  that said tree stood taller than our house, two electrical lines ran along in a very close vicinity, and the house and the fence—not to mention US—could easily be squished if Dad’s master plan went awry.

It did not make me feel better that Dad’s lessons came from Boy Scout activities more than twenty years ago and how-to videos on Youtube.

You can imagine how excited we were to watch our dad saw through the trunk and begin the reaction that would send us to our graves.  Well, maybe just break our bones, judging by the top of the tree. Or we could die. We didn’t know.


It sounded exactly like it does on TV. I hopped out of my harness lickity-split and watched as the tree fell like a thousand-point deer.

It landed exactly where Dad wanted it to.

Photo Credit: Holly H, my sister

We were all pleased—to be alive, to have avoided impending doom. We laughed. We did it! Woohoo!

I guess I think that’s how God seems sometimes. God is God, sure, but maybe he’s not be qualified to deal with this particular sin we’re tied to, right?

He says he can cut it down, make it better, and all we see are those things that may electrocute us or squish us flat.

And somehow, God forgives us, cuts out our mistakes and failures and does it with a 100% success rate. He saves.

Neither my dad nor God have ever really struck me as lumberjacks before—and yet, here I am. They’ve succeeded with every tree that hits them.

Unfortunately, with our trees come consequences, and I had to spend part of the afternoon helping stock up on firewood for the winter. Alas!

Where have you seen God in your life today?


  1. My dad got us to do that a few years back- it was scary! Fire wood stacking is the story of my life!
    God has been everywhere today- the day was all over the place!

    1. Glad to know I'm not alone! And yeah, that was pretty terrifying.

      God is awesome, keeping up with us wherever we go. :D


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