Tuesday, September 30, 2014

My Favorite Princess

What a month. Book and Movie Reviews, Teens Can Write Too! Blog Chain, a myth, discussion and debate, and lots and lots of princess talk.

Yet, after all this time, I haven’t even mentioned my favorite princess. Have you ever heard of the movie Willow?

If not, you’re about to.

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Why Sorsha is my Favorite Princess (Top 5 Edition)

If you’ve never seen Willow, here’s a short recap: It is said that a baby girl with a mark will be responsible for the downfall of the evil Queen Bavmorda. When she is born she falls into the care of Willow, a Nelwyn, who must take the baby to Tir Asleen where she will be protected by a good king and queen. Sorsha, the queen’s daughter, is sent to find the baby and return her to the queen, who will send her to the netherworld. Willow must rely on his friends, Madmartigan and the Brownies, to protect the princess, but if he is to save the baby, he will have to take the last steps alone.

1) Sorsha battles :: first and foremost, Sorsha is a warrior, and is like, the only woman in Bavmorda’s army. Obviously, this is a little sexist, but it’s a testament to Sorsha’s strength that she still can duke it out despite the prejudice against her.

2) Sorsha struggles :: the choice is between her mother, to whom she has always been loyal, and a baby, and the people who guard that baby. Such a choice is easy so long as the baby is faceless, but when Sorsha is captured and becomes more friendly with Madmartigan, she seriously has to reconsider her choices—and I do so enjoy character arcs.

3) Sorsha gets skeptical :: Madmartigan has an unfortunate episode wherein he accidentally falls in love with Sorsha. Sorsha wants to trust him, but she doesn’t immediately fall for him. Her romance never takes center stage (Gold star for the lady). Still, I guess it’s impossible to avoid that kiss in the middle of a battle.

4) Sorsha is kind of ruthless :: there are many warriors who are ultimately good, but here I’m not entirely sure. Even though she switches sides, she has a cruelty in her wrought from birth, it would take some time for her to leave that mindset behind.

5) Sorsha accepts challenges :: multiple times the odds are against Sorsha, and she is unfazed. She’s set up to become a queen and is thrust into a family—with people she met not too long ago. Not everyone makes a good insta-parent, and those who have that strength are completely cool.

And, for the record, Sorsha rocked the curly red hair long before Brave ever came out. Someday I will explain in full detail as to why Willow is my all time favorite movie, but in the meantime, satisfy yourselves knowing Sorsha is awesome. Because she is.

Who is your favorite princess? Why?


  1. Sorcha certainly doesn't sound like your ordinary princess. I can see why she's your favourite. And yay for the romance not taking over the whole book. I don't mind a bit of romance, but when it takes over from the real plot it bugs me so badly.

    I think my favourite book princess would have to be Princess Torina from 'The Seer and the Sword'. She's a Seer. She's not perfect. She doesn't have a perfect romance. She's brave. She adapts to ordinary life as well as being able to be a princess. She's headstrong, and she can fight if she needs to. Funnily enough, she has red hair too!

    1. Yeah, I agree with you on the romance bit. Fortunately, Sorsha is actually a secondary character so the romance with Madmartigan doesn't spend as much time blossoming because the important thing is that all the characters save the baby.

      She sounds awesome! Hooray for red haired princesses! XD

  2. "Sasha rocked the curly red hair long before Brave ever came out" — ha! This sounds like a really interesting twist on the evil stepmother and Chosen One tropes, I'll have to see if I can rent it or something :)

    1. I'd highly recommend it if you can find it! It's definitely my favorite movie and the archetypes in that particular LucasFilm are amazing. :D

    2. Oh, it's Lucasfilm? I've always loved Star Wars, so I suppose that's extra motivation!

    3. Yes ma'am! Actually, the story idea was written by George Lucas, and Bob Dolman created a screenplay that Ron Howard directed. You can definitely taste the Star Wars, but it's also a very individual movie. My recommendation still stands. XD


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