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Writing Process Blog Hop

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I have been tagged. Here I lay, gasping at the foot of my blog, burdened with such glorious purpose I may faint before your very eyes. Miss Mariella at Baiting a Musetrap has thus branded me, and ere the dusk of another day I’d better get this business over and done with.

Seriously though, it’s been like a week since she tagged me and I haven’t even thought about what I was going to say until now.

Anyway, welcome to the writing process blog hop, wherein I am to describe my writing process and tag three other people to do this. Mariella cheated and tagged four people, so I think I’m exempt from tagging other people.

Behold, my writing process:

1) Stew—I spend quite a while simply thinking about what I’m going to write before even writing it down. Actually, a lot of my ideas come to me while I’m in the bathroom, which is also perhaps the one room in my house where paper and pens are not easily accessible. Just recently I thought of a woman who made her shopping bags out of her deceased husbands’ skins. Fun fact.

2) Write, Until I Stop—I write things, ideas, I think I even have a direction to the story, and maybe even finish a preliminary draft, and then I stop. Either I find a new project or I lose passion or I realize that the story is hopeless and it will never come to anything, and the words simply stop.

3) Forget About It—occasionally I can stop writing for several days at a time, and I have a very apt ability to completely ignore trash I have written. There is a folder, even, called ‘TRASH’ within my writing directory. You’re not supposed to throw away anything you ever write, but that doesn’t mean I want to stumble upon it again.

4) Find It and Be Ashamed—the notebook will fall open, I’ll haphazardly open dusty folders, click on a curious title, and then burn my eyes out at disgusting prose that should be read in prisons to punish the bad people.

5) Redeem the Idea—somewhere along the line, I’ll find something I still like. Maybe a character, or a sentence, or a plot bunny. And I’ll give it another go.

6) Sincere Draft—knowing I’m going to come back to it, I will write a draft on the computer, probably of very short length, also keeping in mind that I may never want to touch this thing again. But I finish it anyway.

7) Take a Break—I personally have to distance myself from my writing. I have an entire folder filled with my worst writings that I love to pore over and never edit, because I never leave it alone for more than a few days. It’s called ‘FAN FICTION.’

8) Handwrite It—this is still in beta phase. I’ve only ever done this with one thing, though it’s working surprisingly well. I have a chance to interact with the text, a place to write in margins and also keep tabs on my plot with a stronger grip.

9) Type It Up Better—this is the plan. Type it up with the plot intact as is bearable, and fix nasty sentences or poor descriptions along the way. Once it’s typed up this way, it is enough to simply work solely on the computer and edit there, because the words do not hurt my eyes so much anymore.

10) Find Someone to Destroy It—this is also a plan. My family is good for helping with grammar and style, but at school most people tell me my writing is “good” and they leave it at that. Hopefully this will change.

I haven’t written much about writing before. Perhaps because I haven’t thought I had much to write about. I’ve never gotten through my ten-step plan yet for anything. Here’s to hoping I’ll manage. But there are good books to read and procrastinations to battle and blogs and Facebooks and Pinterests and Pandoras and all these goodies that I cannot ignore.

Heather needs to focus. Ha. That’s gonna happen.

What about you? What’s your writing process? Share in the comments below!

(ALSO:  The aforementioned Mariella, for whom I beta, has actually written a blog post about a little bit of what I do as her beta reader. Go read it!)

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