Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Closing Thoughts on Spain

  • International Travel makes you a time traveler—waking up in Barcelona at 6:30 AM and going to bed after 10:30 PM in Colorado on the same day actually covered a span of over 24 hours (almost all of which I was awake for).
  • I do not care if you are some high and mighty international airport: if you are playing the Cure’s “Friday I’m in Love,” you do NOT pause. Ever.
  • Madrid is a better vacation spot than Barcelona.
  • Stores are complicated; rather than a big store there are lots of little stores, and even the “supermarkets” aren’t big enough for two people to walk abreast.
  • Smoking is everywhere, and I hate it.
  • Eating a burrito bowl at Burrito Elito is a lot like dumping Mexican food into a Subway salad.
  • Little kids at the airport are hilarious.
  • Sleeping on trains is fun.
  • Americans export music like nobody’s business—I only heard, like, seven songs in Spanish while in Spain.
  • People don’t like to talk to you in Spanish, they would rather talk to you in English.
  • It’s weird, because you can go somewhere five hundred years old and five years old on the same day.
  • The Mediterranean is cold.
  • Spanish tortillas are officially now one of my most favorite foods.
  • When traveling, it is nice for your Dad to be willing to let you stay up until 1:15 AM to let you finish your books.
  • It is okay for a dinner to consist of a sixth of a watermelon and a large carrot, or occasionally have chips, or granola bars, instead of official Spanish food. Then you don’t have to talk to people!
  • Watching Fringe in Catalan was fun.
  • It is indeed possible to watch Princess and the Frog, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Forrest Gump, and half of a Sherlock episode on a flight back to the States.
  • It is good to be home.

Well, that about wraps up my thoughts on Spain for now! I’ll get back to a regular posting schedule starting Thursday. ¡Nos vemos!


  1. "Spanish tortillas are officially now one of my most favorite foods." - You found tortillas in Spain? I was in Madrid three summers ago for a conference. One of the girls I was with knew two things about Spain: the hot chocolate is really good, and they have their own version of tortillas. She found hot chocolate the first night, and asked about tortillas everywhere we went. Everyone she asked were so offended. They acted like she was an idiot for asking, and someone told her something along the lines of "we are NOT Mexico."

    1. Spanish tortillas were actually one of the main things I wanted to try in Spain, and we found them all over the place!

      I admit, we already knew walking in that a Spanish tortilla is a potato omlette, so we could assure our waiters we knew exactly what we wanted. Maybe that helped us in our dining relations? At any rate, it seems really weird that they would lash out at your friend, though I have heard that waiters in Spain aren't intended to be as helpful. Maybe it's a cultural norm that the rest of us just don't understand.

      All the same, I'd still encourage you to look for them again if you ever get the chance!


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