Thursday, July 10, 2014

A Scary Story: Driving Home from the Library

Usually I do a “murderer check” in the back seat before I go anywhere. I don’t expect anything to be there, but there are stories. People get in the backseat, you don’t notice, then they kill you. Perhaps I am paranoid, but I am paranoid and alive.

Last week today, I went on a little excursion to the library. Returning books before I had to leave on a trip (I am actually gone right now; this post was scheduled ahead of time), picking up reports for my Dad.

I left.

And I forgot to do a murderer check.

I wasn’t ten feet away from the parking lot when I heard an alarming hiss in the back seat

“OH NO!” I thought to myself. “Now I’m going to die!

With a frantic terror in my eyes, I tried to look in the mirror, trying to spot the snake or the villain who was occupying the back seat.

I didn’t see him.

I kept glancing behind me until I could do a thorough three-second sweep at a stoplight, and the back seat was (thankfully) empty.

Then I realized: he could be in the chair behind me.

With a sort of fear and fascination, I reached behind the chair and made sure that some lithe assassin hadn’t stuffed himself behind my chair where I couldn’t see him. (Which is a pretty funny image to imagine, now that I think about it.)

There was nothing sinister. Thank goodness.

Conclusion: It was probably the air conditioner or something.

And yet. I do not think I’ll skip my murderer checks for a while. I don’t have the energy to concern myself with such things while I’m driving.

Do you have any quirks while driving? Share below!

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