Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Finalist Piece: Promise

Over at S. Alex Martin's blog, there was an Alphabet Story contest, where each subsequent word had to match up with the next letter of the Alphabet. I didn't win, but I did final as one of the top five out of twenty-some submissions. I thought I might as well post what I wrote here:

Abandonment. Breathing calmly, dreading every faithless glance hopelessly. I’m just killing Leader, memories nagging our placid quiet.
“Run,” she threatens, unusually violent. “Widow Xander—your zenith awaits.”
But coldness doesn’t eclipse fear. Great heaviness impedes jocose kinship; Leader mourns.
“No.” Only pride quavers. “Run? Stab the upstart, violate winter’s xanthic, young zeal and betray Community?” Disbelief emanates from genuine hurt. “I’ll join Kaiser, leave, maybe navigate our pasts, quickly realize stories, then unearth victory.”
“Well, Xander?”
“Your zany arrangements bewilder.” Coldness; doesn’t embrace.
“Forgive?” Gasping.
He idles, jerking kinesthetically. “Love, maybe now our paths… quarrel.”
Reluctant smiling toughens us.
“Very well, Xander.”
“You zoom away.”
“But carefully. Don’t ever forget.”
“Go. Home is joylessly keeping.”
Loves me. Now obstinately paces. Quiet.
Returning soon, truthfully. Undying vow: winter.

127 words. What did you think? Share in the comments below!

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