Friday, March 14, 2014


First things first: Happy Pi Day!

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 A friend of mine directed me to this concept earlier, in a link you can click on here.

The general idea behind it is to write down the authors who have influenced you as a reader and a writer, with a 26 grand total. One for each letter. So, I thought I’d post mine, and see what goes on. Who knows, something may even come of it.

A: Arleta Richardson

B: Barbara Park

C: Christopher Paul Curtis

D: Debbie Dadey (and Marcia T. Jones)

E: Eoin Colfer

F: John Flanagan

G: William Goldman

H: Carolyn Hennesy

I: Patricia C. Wrede

J: Jean Ferris

K: Kate McMullan

L: Lemony Snicket

M: Mark Walden

N: JK Rowling

O: Mary Pope Osborne

P: Christopher Paolini

Q: Adrienne Kress (Whatever.)

R: Rick Riordan

S: Neal Schusterman

T: Terry Deary

U: A.C. Gaughen

V: Avi

W: Bill Watterson

X: George O’Connor (No X, but this is hard.)

Y: Martha Finley

Z: Scott Westerfeld. (I just give up.)

That is my list. Who would you put on yours?

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