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Top 5 TV Shows

The only channel we get on my television is PBS. That is the Public Broadcasting Station, and I should correct myself, because that is the only station we get in English. English is the language I am fluent in, and despite my admiration of the Spanish language, I really do prefer my leisure time to be in English.

This leaves my ability to watch television limited. And when I watch TV shows, they’re almost always a whole season through.

I can think of only five ones worth mentioning.

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5. Hercules

Yes, the spin off from the Disney movie which makes the movie make no sense at all. I loved watching it especially my eighth grade year. And also I watched the whole thing on Youtube—but I did get through all fifty episodes.

I loved it because of the mythology. Back then I was still very much in love with Percy Jackson and I enjoyed surrounding myself with every scrap of lore I could find. Hercules in my mind has always been cool, because it connects ancient history with the real world that is alive today. I love the cultural meshes, much like in the Pandora books, where the things that are normal today are transposed in another world. It was great, and it gave me plenty of time to reacquaint myself with that loveable villain, Hades.

4. Game of Thrones

I watched this show for one reason, and it is this video. I wanted to know what was going on, I wanted to know whether this show would make me cry, I wanted to know it now. So I got the first two seasons from the library, and watched them over Christmas Break.

Actually, I watched the first four episodes twice, because I got through them by myself before my father, mother, and grandmother all decided that they wanted to watch too. So I started over, and we got through 1200 hours of Game of Thrones in pretty much two weeks.

I watch this show for many reasons, most of all Tyrion Lannister, Arya Stark, and Joffrey. Which is great, because the show mostly follows them. I love Tyrion’s mind, his spirit, and his attitude. He’ll get ya. Arya is a spunky girl, and it is from her lessons I learned “Not Today.” I hate Joffrey, but I want to see him writhe on the floor and die like the stupid worm his mother has raised him to be. (Cersei’s a good character too, wise and foolish all in one.) I like Daenerys Targaryen as well, but where I am at, having gotten to the end of Season 2, I am frustrated with the circumstances she is now in nor do I really want her to win.

So there’s that.

3. Horrible Histories

I love this show. I have never seen another show for children that features people getting sick, the hacking of limbs and heads, a man naked but for a strategically placed flower pot, excellent songs, good jokes, important lessons, Mathew Baynton and all that jazz.

I don’t know how many hours I have watched this show for but someday I will own everything I can get my hands on when I have that much money to spend. Which is, alas, not this day.

2. Sherlock

Sherlock is beyond normal words. It’s a convoluted mess of crime solving and intrapersonal relationships and theories and deductions and all this nonsense which boils down to one of the best shows I have ever had the privilege to watch.

Sherlock and Lestrade are two great characters, and one of my main reasons for watching. Splendid actors with splendid characters who do splendid things all the splendid time. I like John too, of course, but you know, priorities.

Now that Mary’s been added, though, she has somehow become my favorite character, simply because she manages to always make things come together. She’s smart, she’s powerful, her aim’s straight, she can wear a wedding dress and be an ex-assassin. But more than that she can also be broken down and frightened, so that she seeks desperate measures and needs help to climb out of her grave. Total awesomeness.

(By the way, Mark Gatiss and Alice Lowe have both been on Sherlock AND Horrible Histories, so –yeah–)

1. Fringe

I can remember watching the Pilot episode on the computer I now write this post on, and thirty minutes in running up the stairs to get my sister. And we watched it, together.

Five seasons of it.

We laughed, we cried, we squealed. Despite the amount of hemming and hawing that Sherlock and Game of Thrones have given me, nothing has ever had the same emotional attachment or impact as Fringe. It covers wide ranges of subjects, it thrills, it delights, it panics, it causes utter despair.

I’ve been wearing my Fringe sweatshirt a lot lately.

There’s the food, there’s the science, there’s the cow. I don’t really know how else one would make a TV show.

What are your favorite TV shows? Share in the comments!

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