Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The Next Time


I went to a book signing last night; it was cool. I saw Neal Shusterman and Eric Elfman live in a bookstore, and it was fun to listen to them for a half hour or so. Listening to writers is actually one of my favorite things, because you can just hear that they love what they do in their voice. It’s not like that all days, I know, but writers are people who seriously have to love their job to do it. Otherwise, they would not do it.

I got Tesla’s Attic signed, and I look forward to start reading it soon. I LOVE the Unwind Dystology, and I know that this is going to be awesome too.

I was a little guilty before going, though. I haven’t read Unsouled yet, even though I got it for my birthday and that was months ago. I want to reread Unwholly before I get started. So far I haven’t even tried picking it up.

I loved Unwholly the last time. It was terrifying, in some ways, and it tore my brain to shreds just to think about it (which makes sense, since I learned that Mr. Shusterman majored in psychology, so he knows how to do that). It’s the only book I can ever remember feeling a deep seated, passionate need to kill someone while reading it. I almost saw red, and suddenly it was as if my hands weren’t my own. I couldn’t keep going; the emotion bubbled through my brain and I couldn’t even decide what to do with myself.

I just wanted something dead.

I had to take a shower and a computer break before I could go back in. It was excellent, but no other book has seared my blood like that before.

I guess I haven’t started again because I’m scared.

What if it isn’t like that the next time? What if it’s a boring book, or I don’t care because I know what happens?

I should be brave. I’ll pick the book up soon. I’m going to have to.

I’m starting to need to.

I hope Neal Shusterman knows that he’s messing with my mind. It should give him some satisfaction, I should think.

Here is to not being scared.

What about you? Have you ever failed to reread a book the same reasons as me? Share below!

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