Thursday, January 23, 2014

Looking Forward

Confession time: I am a terrible reader.

There are 47 books stacked next to my door (there’s a visual here) and I am rereading something I’ve already read before that wasn’t even in that pile to begin with.

It’s always been that way. I usually get caught in a book loop until something new astounds me. Usually I just stop reading a book if it bores me. I should probably read them through to figure out why I don’t like them, but still.

I am a creature of habit.

Even so, I am looking forward to some books I will soon endeavor to make it through. To be perfectly honest, I’ve already read five items on this list, but that’s really the reason I’m excited to read them. The rest are just potentially interesting, we’ll see how awesome they end up being.

So… List. List, list, list. List!

1. Unsouled, by Neal Shusterman

I received the book for Christmas, but although I’ve managed to reread Unwind, I haven’t gotten through UnWholly again, so as soon as I get through that, I will so be on Unsouled. I mean, I love this series, I do. I adore it. It makes me consider my world and occasionally it has blown my perceptions. It’s just that the last time I read UnWholly it took a shower and some time on the Internet before the murderous rage that overcame me dissipated.

And books causing emotions is great, but killing people isn’t. I’m just sort of worried about what my next read is going to be like.

2. The Emperor of Nihon-Ja, by John Flanagan

This is undoubtedly my favorite book in the Ranger’s Apprentice series, probably because of the amount of screen time Horace receives. Horace is and always has been the best of characters, shortly followed by Selethen, Halt, Will, and potentially Malcolm, but I digress. I thought the melding of cultures was super cool, and I love the Emperor as well. I mean, it takes a special kind of leader to point out that we all have bums, you know.

It shall be fantastic, and they shall bring joy to my essence once more.
3. Deadlock, by Mark Walden

I have something like three books to finish in the H.I.V.E. series before I get to book eight, but I've somehow meshed Deadlock’s plot with its predecessor’s, and I cannot wait to reconcile what actually happened with my delusions.

Then again, I’m not always sure I can tell the difference between what happened in the books and what I made up anymore.

4. Wonderful Adventures of Mrs. Seacole in Many Lands, by Mary Seacole

A few Horrible Histories sketches have initiated my interest in this lady. As far as I know, she was a woman of Scottish-Jamaican decent who was rejected by Florence Nightingale during the Crimean War to help out, so she built her own medical setup to help wounded soldiers. I don’t really know what else she has to say, but I look forward to seeing how she puts it.

5. The Son of Neptune, by Rick Riordan

I bought this book the day it came out, and haven’t opened it. Awesome for me. I’m not sure whether I’m really excited to reading this, but I definitely look forward to getting it out of my to-read pile. Let’s hope I can make it through The Lost Hero before I die.

6. The Artemis Fowl Files, by Eoin Colfer

I like this. In some ways I really enjoy short stories, because I think there’s always a lot that gets unsaid in novels. Obviously, I don’t need to know about every single potty break, but sometimes there’s not really a place or a reason to put in certain information, and the short stories in this baby are a nice addition to Artemis Fowl’s world.

And, you know, puzzles are fun.

7. The Atlantis Complex, by Eoin Colfer

This is actually my least favorite AF book, for one reason: Orion. That guy drives. me. nuts. Like, I just want to strangle him.

But at the same time I love reading Artemis Fowl.

But I hate Orion. He’s sickening.

Though, on the other hand, we get Juliet back, and that chick is awesome. So not all will be lost.

8. Return of the King, by J.R.R. Tolkien

It took me forever to get into The Fellowship of the Ring. Only after I was at my grandfather’s seventy-fifth birthday party, wherein I sat in the kitchen with my sister for the entire duration of the celebration, did I approach a place where I could see what was going on and enjoy it. (I love Lord of the Rings; it is just occasionally over my head.)

The Two Towers wasn’t hard to follow with, but then I got in trouble because my European history teacher sort of made me stop. That was awkward. And he was cool about it. But still. I never really picked up RotK after that.

But that’s actually my favorite part of the story, so I’m excited to find out all the lovely details.

9. Demigods and Monsters, edited by Rick Riordan

I think I enjoyed this nearly as much as I enjoyed the books. I don’t know why, but I love little background bits of information. The only book in the Uglies series I own is Bogus to Bubbly, which is a background about the whole world.

Pretty much, it is the unauthorized compilation of essays by other writers who analyze the world he created. (I have no idea why it’s unauthorized, since Rick Riordan seems to have been involved in it, so it was sanctioned, I guess.) It is FASCINATING, and I would recommend you get a copy but it was Borders exclusive, so I guess sucks for you. :/

10. The Beatrice Letters, by Lemony Snicket

I got this for Christmas, and I only glanced through it, but I get the feeling I have an A Series of Unfortunate Events marathon coming my way. And I love the way Lemony Snicket writes. (Or, the guy who writes as Lemony Snicket, since he has another name too, but he likes Lemony Snicket and that’s all.) He’s so depressing, and yet so clever, and so enticing.

I look forward to the story.

Yup. That’s what’s up.

What are you looking forward to reading in the near future?

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